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COMPANY: Citibank Asia Pacific Processing Centre
LOCATION: Cintech 2, Singapore (20,000Sqft)

Consultation and Design covering planning, engineering design, specification,

up-grading, project management and commissioning of all installed equipment.

CONTRACT SUM: S$ 2,000,000
COMPLETION: August 2002

- New Command Centre, Conference Rooms and other facilities

- Computer Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation

- Electrical Installation, Computer Power Distribution, lighting

- Uninterruptible Power Supply to computer hardware

- Security Access System with audit trait management

- CCTV System

- Water Detection System under Computer floor

- Fire Protection services, hose reels, pre-action dry automatic sprinklers

- Environmental Monitoring with automatic paging system

- Clean Agent Fire Suppression System (FM200)

- VESDA very early smoke detection system

- Computer raised flooring with thermal insulation and air distribution system

- Interior furnishing, partitioning and civil work

- Interior space planning