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Ø      Power Distribution Systems


Power is one of the most crucial requirements in a critical system. Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) and Generator Set are crucial in the overall design of a reliable electrical system. Proper planning will provide uninterrupted power to ensure continuous functionality in IT equipment, lightings, air-conditioners, thus reducing downtime due to breakdowns and power shutdowns which may cause huge financial losses. Having a strong partnership with switchboard makers, CSS has the ability to deliver custom made high quality Electrical Switchboards.



Ø      Fire Protection Systems


Fire protection in critical sites has evolved from passive smoke detection system to active types or High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors (HSSD). The use of Inert Gas Suppression System has also become very common. CSS specializes in installing authority approved gases such as Inergen, Argonite and FM-200. Pre-action Dry Sprinkler System is also advised for some cases. An example of HSSD is the advanced VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), which is able to detect smoke at the incipient stage, so that an alarm can be given at the very first detection of smoke.



Ø      Air-Conditioning Systems


Computer equipment generates high sensible heat loads where more than 95% is `dry’ heat. As such, specialized air-conditioning system or Precision Cooling System is used.  Proper ventilation is also required to ensure no ‘hotspot’ is present. Especially in this era where computer chips are very sensitive to heat, a well-designed air-conditioning system can help to eliminate these problems by maintaining the right temperature and humidity within the room. CSS is able to provide Precision Cooling Units (PCU), which can maintain the computer room at a constant temperature and humidity, as well as Comfort Air-cons (split-unit or VRV systems) for the office areas.



Ø      Security Access Systems


Security has become a major concern in critical sites. In view of this, CSS is able to provide a complete security system for the control of authorized personnel access into restricted zones. From the basic Proximity Card Access security system and CCTV, to the high-end Biometric Finger/Palm Scan Access and Turntable security system, CSS always strive to provide the most comprehensive and reliable solution with the latest technology.







Ø      Leakage Detection Systems


Water and chemical have always been a taboo in electrical systems. Good designs will already have taken the effects of leakages into considerations. However, every effort is still being made to prevent the damage of leakages through the use of sensing devices, which are able to locate the exact position of leakage and signals alarm for immediate attention. With LCD panel and as-built diagram, client is able to pin-point the exact position in the shortest time possible.



Ø      Facility Management System (FMS)


Many critical sites are running into `dark room’ concept where there is minimum human intervention or activity in the site. In this case, remote monitoring and auto-alert system must be available in maintaining the whole system. CSS offers the state-of-the-art FMS which is able to record real-time status of all critical devices within the critical environment. The FMS is able to record real-time statistics like the power quality of individual circuit breakers, room temperature, humidity, battery status, fire protection system, water leakage detection system and security system. Remote monitoring and control of these systems can be carried out 24-hours so as to ensure stability of the surrounding. In case of emergencies like fire or power trip, the authorized personnel will be notified at the very first instance. This product is manufactured under strict requirements and complies with the most stringent regulations. It allows Auto-alerting through pagers, sms through handphones, e-mails through internet/LAN and fax.