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Specialised Services


Ø      Consultancy and Design Expertise (CDE)


CSS has the expertise to provide clients with the most up-to-date designs with robust reliability and complete redundancy that supports the entire requirement of mission-critical operations.


CSS offers:

v            A professional team of creative and innovative designers, focused on the needs of the Client.

v            Unrivalled experience in mission-critical facilities.

v            Senior personnel with invaluable industry experience and immerse wealth of design expertise with demonstrated consulting skills.

v            Thorough understanding of reliability and availability strategies and the need to eliminate single point of failure.


Our CDE will enable our client to meet time, cost and quality objectives.



Ø      Project Management Expertise (PME)


CSS provides clients with the most capable and reliable project management with detailed updating, comprehensive reporting, strong purchasing capability and staff with in-depth knowledge of mission-critical operations.


CSS offers:

v            Professional Project Managers who focus on project delivery.

v            Profound knowledge in mission-critical facilities.

v            Staff with invaluable project management experience and product knowledge.


Our PME will ensure timely delivery of projects to our client with utmost quality in terms of product selection and services installed.



Ø      Pro-active Facility Management (PFM)


In addition to the strong design and project management skills that CSS possess, we also provide Pro-active Facility Management to our clients. Instead of normal preventive maintenance which provides only scheduled maintenance, CSS provides periodic initiative programmes which enhance the effectiveness in facility management with our PFM.


CSS offers:

v            Well-trained Technical Specialists with in-depth product knowledge.

v            Advanced equipment used in the maintenance.

v            Different levels of training to clients.

v            24 hours back up support with 3 hours response time.


Our PFM will ensure proper maintenance in our clients’ sites and support all services to keep the uptime in their operation as high as possible.



Ø      Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Works


CSS provides all M&E works like installation of electrical switchboards, power trunking, cable trays, light fittings, power points, air-conditioner piping, water sprinklers, dry gas suppression system, smoke & heat detectors, structural cabling, etc. We assure to deliver the best quality of work.


Our ability to offer Value Engineering provides our client a cost effective solution without compromise to the performance of the system and operations.



Ø      Office Construction & Renovation (BY CSSEC)


CSS provides Interior Fitouts and Alteration & Additions (A&A) works to office premises.  We carried out our works with proper planning and project management for cost effectiveness as well as on-time scheduling. Our team of dedicated staff will liaise with client, contractors and suppliers on the delivery of works and furniture to prevent unnecessary downtime to the operation and wastage of time due to co-ordination. All completed projects will go through the final stage of testing and commissioning before handing over.


Our skill in space branding and creative design provides our client a hassle free solution at a competitive price.