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Why Choose CSS?



Ø      Reliable Design

·         Irregardless of the size of the projects, CSS ensures that the basis for all designs are based on high reliability with proper certification from authorities to prove its high quality.

·         Providing innovative design to help customers reduce utility costs through energy saving and proper space planning.

·         CSS will also get an independent 3rd party to review each customised design to ensure that the design is the best and most cost effective given the various parameters from the client.


Ø      COMPETITIVE Pricing

·         CSS has established strong ties with many partners which includes Switchboard Manufacturers, UPS suppliers, PCU suppliers, A/C suppliers, Fire Alarm suppliers, Gas suppliers, etc. This assures our client the best competitive cost and highest quality products.

·         CSS is able to obtain a good bargain from the bulk purchases and direct purchase from manufacturers and this discount is transferred back to the customers either through lower pricing or other value-added services.

·         CSS constantly reviews equipment/component costs to ensure up-to-date documented price list versus the market rate so as to stay competitive.



·         Good project management skills of the site engineers ensures that all projects can be delivered in tip-top quality and on-schedule irregardless of the size of the project.

·         To ensure the quality of each completed project, an internal Quality Assurance Officer will inspect the site prior to handing over and hand the site report to the Project Manager to follow-up on the items which are to be improved.


Ø      TOTAL Customer Satisfaction

·         CSS understands the importance of after-sales service in critical sites. Preventive maintenance and routine checks are done at site. A 24x7x365 Hotline ensures immediate activation of our technical team. Customers need only to call the Hotline Number and the helpdesk personnel/technical specialist  will note down  the request and activate the relevent technical team immediately to attend to the site within 2~3 hours after the call.  All activities are recorded and reviewed monthly in-house.

·         Sending out yearly feedback forms to customers to listen to their views and ensuring that there are follow-up plans and relevant actions being carried out.